Google Play Will Offer Scott Ott Podcast (maybe a few others)

Scott Ott Podcast coming soon to Google Play
Here’s the actual email sent to me by Mr. Google himself confirming my approval for the upcoming Google Play podcast service.

Just received word that Scott Ott Podcast has been approved on the new, soon-to-launch, Google Play Podcast service.* This means you will lack any credible reason¬†for missing even a single episode of Scott Ott Podcast. (Other than the tired old excuse, “I don’t like Scott Ott, so why would I listen to his podcast?”)

Until Google’s podcast service goes LIVE, you still have more listening options than you deserve.

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*Does anyone really think they’re going to call it “Google Play Music Podcasts”? If so, it’s okay with me. After all, I do sing from time to time.