Wheaton Prof Claims Muslims & Christians Worship the Same God: Scott Ott Podcast #10

Prof. Larycia Hawkins suspended from Wheaton College for claiming Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

A tenured professor at Wheaton College got put on paid leave because she claimed that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. In this episode of Scott Ott Podcast (#10) we examine that claim, and I share my own weird experience from more than 25 years ago.

Scott Ott Podcast #10 includes audio excerpts from Scott Ott Show originally streamed live on YouTube, December 17, 2015.


Slaughter in San Bernardino: Scott Ott Podcast #5

Slaughter in San Bernardino, Police get attackersI intended to talk about the politics of gun control in the aftermath of the literal-Islamist butchery at a mental health facility in California this week. However, the conversation took a very different turn, as I had to admit that the real answer is not found among politicians or pundits.

Audio excerpts in this podcast drawn from Scott Ott Show, which streamed live on YouTube, December 3, 2015.