Why Muslim Boots Won’t Crush ISIS: Scott Ott Podcast #11

boots on the ground
Photo: Kenny Holston

Saudia Arabia announced it formed a coalition of 34 nations to stand up to terror groups like ISIS that twist the peaceful religion of Islam into a non-stop warrior jihad. But in episode #11 of Scott Ott Podcast, we “wish upon a star” that were true, and explain why it isn’t.

This episode includes audio excerpts from Scott Ott Show, which streamed live on YouTube on December 17, 2015.


Scott Ott Show, Ep. 10

Topics on this episode…

  • Christian college suspends prof who says Muslims worship same God as she does.
  • How did Scott Ott come to Christ?
  • Is Saudi Arabia’s new anti-terrorist Islamic military alliance a sham?
  • Does the “Establishment” hate Ted Cruz because he’s a Constitutional crusader unafraid to go it alone, or mostly because he’s just a jerk at work?

Episode 10 of Scott Ott Show originally streamed live on YouTube, December 17, 2015.