April 6, 2022

How to Live Longer, Feel Better, Inspire Others, and Change the World after Age 50 (Part I)

The reason young people seem most prominent among entrepreneurs isn’t because they’re smarter, richer, more skilled or talented than older people.

It’s because they don’t think they can’t.

If you’re more than 50 years old, are your best days behind you, or yet to come?

If you said, “Yet come, because I’m closer to retirement when I can finally relax and enjoy life” — hit snooze, because the rest of this probably isn’t for you.

But if a fire still burns within you, read on.

You won’t settle for putting on the golf green, puttering in the yard, or putting on your pajamas to glaze over at the TV as the calendar pages peel away and flutter to the floor.

Now is your perfect time.

I don’t mean that now is a good time because it’s too late to start any sooner. I mean now is the PERFECT time to go full throttle toward your dream.

Think about it. You have never been smarter, wiser, more stable, and had more solid knowledge about how to avoid terrible choices than you do right now.

I was reading about Moses — yeah, the one in the Bible — and noted that he didn’t start the most impactful part of his life until he was 80 years old…after 40 years of living in the desert. He had seen a lot of highs and lows. He been loved, hated, mocked and feared. And then, when most men would be on the downslope, he takes up God’s calling and changes the world.

[By the way, if you’re little head voice is mumbling about the differences between you and Moses right now, just say, ‘Shut up, lil’ head voice.’ That’s not the point.]

The point is, we could make a long, long…long list of accomplished men who really didn’t pick up steam until they were past their prime in the world’s eyes.

We could make a much longer list of men who quit, coasted, griped and grunted as the game clock ran down.

Can you picture what would happen if America’s over-50 men rose up and lived out the true nature of their calling?

They start new companies. Create new inventions. Write new books. Produce new videos. Reform our governance. Start new social movements. Design new buildings, apps, works of art, and more.

What will it take?

  1. Belief: This is 90 percent of the battle. Creating and maintaining the belief it takes to start it, grind it out, and keep reaching beyond your grasp.
  2. Habit: I was going to say discipline, but you don’t really have to be a man of steel will. You need to create a routine and stick with it. Habits start simple and grow as you go.
  3. Purpose: The ‘Why’ will keep you going when the ‘what’ delays arriving. Your reason for heading out on this adventure will sustain you through all kinds of discouragement.

More on this later.

Much more.