How to Make More Brain, and Have Fun Doing It

When you learn new things, your brain makes new neural connections.

It’s kind of like making new brain.

I’m 60 years old, and a life-long learner. But in the past year, I’ve kicked it up to a new level.

Two reasons…

  1. I love to learn.
  2. I’m making more brain. (I may need it someday.)

Here’s what I’m doing these days to make more brain.

  • Reading in Spanish: Just finished ‘Hábitos Atômicos‘ [Atomic Habits, by James Clear] and just started ‘Empieza Con El Porqué‘ [Start with Why, by Simon Sinek]. I had three years of High School Spanish, but have never before read a whole book en Español.
  • Reading in French: For devotional material, I’m reading John Calvin’s Commentary on the book of Acts. I had five years of French in high school and haven’t read a whole book until now.
  • Building Productivity Apps: A couple of years ago, I taught myself to build apps with Microsoft PowerApps. You don’t have to be a genius to develop in this low-code/no-code environment, but I love doing it. So far, I’ve deployed a half dozen or so apps, currently in use by hundreds of co-workers at my W-2 job.
  • Learning Marketing: While driving, or walking for exercise, I listen to marketing audiobooks and podcasts about marketing and other business topics.

These are just some of the things I do for fun.

You have different things that fascinate you.

Dive in and you’ll not only enjoy it immensely, but you’ll make more brain.

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