How to Worry Your Way to Success and Happiness

There is a kind of alluring buzz that comes with worry. We feel we're actually doing something...

At its core, worry is a vivid vision of the future, manufactured from a little bit of fact and a lot of imagination.

This is neither good nor bad.

It’s just an ability. I contend it’s a superpower.

You may use it as you wish.

When we worry, we see what’s going to happen someday.

Of course, we don’t have the power to visit the actual future, and then come back with a story about it. But we can construct a narrative, paint a picture, or even produce a video, in our minds in advance.

We can create a future that seems so real we see it, feel it, believe it will happen.

For most people, the effect of worry is to create anxiety, fear, sadness, anger…bad emotions.

Everybody worries. Some do it more than others. Most feel badly while doing it.

If it makes you feel bad, why not just stop it?

No simple answer here.

But there is a kind of alluring buzz that comes with worry. We feel we’re actually doing something when we worry. We see ourselves as even more useful when we tell others about our worries…as if we’re helping them to avoid bad outcomes by warning them.

It’s kind of cool — like being a prophet who foretells the future.

In a sense that’s right.

If I’m worried about something that would affect me, I can practically conjure it into existence by my devoted focus on seeing that outcome, replaying it often, and spreading the word that it’s quite likely to happen. Nothing mystical about this. My brain works hard to bring about results I request. Vivid imagination of negative future events is processed like a command: “Make it happen!”

But don’t stop worrying. You can’t.

Instead, tap that amazing power to produce desirable results.

Worry is your superpower.

You have the incredible ability to imagine future events that seem so real they trigger biological and mental responses indistinguishable from reactions to actual happenings.

Because you have this power, and can wield it in any direction you wish, it might be time for an experiment.

Today, try to worry about something you’d like to see in your life.

Ask this out loud: “Well…what if I made a lot of money this year?”

Repeatedly ask. Even pray about it. Ask God to prepare you to be a good steward of the increased money that might come to you.

In a word, worry about becoming financially secure. Vividly imagine that future event as you would something you fear.

Give it a try. See what happens.

I’ll write more about this later.

Right now, I’m worried that I’ll post to this blog every day, and thus accumulate a body of work that would be helpful to me and to my readers.

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There is a kind of alluring buzz that comes with worry. We feel we're actually doing something...